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Spend more time running your business, not your payroll.


Affordable Payroll Services For Charlotte NC Small Businesses

What’s better than operating your own small business? No bosses breathing down your neck, trying to micro-manage what they know nothing about. And the satisfaction of nurturing your small business and watching it flourish —hiring more employees and eventually needing larger space — nothing compares to that.Yet, every silver lining has its clouds: having too much on your plate, trying to make sense of tax laws and dealing with employees are the real challenges of running a small business.

This is where APS Payroll Services comes in. Whether your small business is a brand-new start-up, or one that has been around for a while and ready for a face life step, APS Payroll Services will help you manage your:

  • Small business payroll services 
  • Payroll taxes and options
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement plans
  • Human Resource 
  • Compliance Worker’s Comp
  • Cashflow

Simple & Powerful

Payroll Services

Atlanta Payroll Services will help you with the administration of your small business payroll services and all payroll taxes

Human Capital

Atlanta Payroll Services focuses on one thing, putting you back in the drivers seat of running your company and allowing you to focus on the revenue producing task

Time & Attendance

Our time and attendance, including GPS time tracking, is integrated with payroll, so there is no more manually tracking and keying employee hours

Workers Compensation

We help improve the work environment and make it safer by focusing on workplace risk management, safety programs, and good human resource practices

Charlotte's Best & Most Reliable Payroll Company

What sets us apart from the corporate payroll companies is that APS Payroll Services keeps the focus on you, and your Charlotte small business.

At APS Payroll Services, we offer an innovative suite of virtual technology, individualized client services and access to the finest, most adept human capital resources available. We know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to small business payroll services. That’s why our services are tailored to the unique requirements of our individual clients: the Charlotte small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We’ve Raised Payroll Services to an Art Form

There’s much more to payroll than many people realize. With APS Payroll Services, you can easily engage, retain, direct, and strengthen a winning team with our dynamic cloud-based payroll and streamlined HR management software. Our user-friendly interface provides a consistent operator experience across the platform with only one employee file to manage.

  • Locate the most qualified applicants: simplify the hiring process.

APS Payroll Services Employee Onboarding allows you to welcome new employees, eliminate outdated step-by-step procedures, and easily monitor employee files and paperwork.

  • Increase efficiency, accuracy & dependability

When just one employee is late for work, takes extended breaks and lunch hours, or leaves before the end of his or her shift, you are losing over twenty hours of productivity per year. That’s just one employee. What if you had two, or even three such workers? The mind boggles! Luckily, for you, APS Payroll Services’ time-keeping and attendance solutions will bring that to a screeching halt.

  • Access your small business data whenever, wherever, and on any device

The information you need is always within reach. Our all-inclusive report library affords you the ability to access and create reports on any device.

Your local payroll company that allows you to focus on the revenue producing task of running your small business
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Recruiting, On-Boarding & Benefits Management

Recruiting Solutions
Applicant Tracking

APS HCM Applicant Tracking provides you an easy-to-use interface to post jobs to dozens of online sites, accept resumes, sort through applicants and seamlessly onboard new hires

Hiring Solutions
Employee Onboarding

Atlanta Payroll Services HCM Employee Onboarding solutions enable your team to electronically welcome and complete new hire paperwork and eliminate paper processes

Benefits Management
Benefits Enrollment

APS Payroll Services benefits administration technology simplifies enrolling, renewing and managing benefits for your team and your employees