Recruiting, On-Boarding & Benefits Management


Applicant Tracking

A fully-integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) to help you find and hire great employees. APS Payroll Services HCM Applicant Tracking provides you an easy-to-use interface to post jobs to dozens of online sites, accept resumes, sort through applicants and seamlessly onboard new hires.


Benefits Enrollment

Atlanta Payroll Services benefits administration technology simplifies enrolling, renewing and managing benefits for your team and your employees. Our Benefits Enrollment solutions offer an electronic, single entry point with simple HR and employee self-portals eliminating the need for paperwork adjustments and headaches.

The system offers a cloud based platform that provides an all-in-one benefit enrollment solution. You get end-to-end benefits administration without all the work through a simple HR and employee sef-service portal. You will be able to enroll, renew and manage employee benefits 24/7. Our system has easy, visual, verbal, educational and interactive solutions to assist companies in administering voluntary and non-voluntary plans to your employee base.


Employee Onboarding

Atlanta Payroll Services HCM Employee Onboarding solutions enable your team to electronically welcome and complete new hire paperwork and eliminate paper processes. New hires hit the ground running day one with paperwork, forms and information completed, electronically signed and properly delivered.