Applicant Tracking

applicant tracking

Applicant Tracking

Finding and hiring the right person for the job is a time-consuming ordeal. However, here at Atlanta Payroll Systems, we take the guesswork out of hiring Mr. or Ms. Right with a fully-integrated applicant tracking system! APS Payroll Services’ Employee Navigator Tracking offers a user-friendly interface to:

o   Post open positions in your company to a plethora of social media websites

o   Accept résumés

o   Peruse applicants’ résumés and job applications

o   Streamline the new-hire onboarding process.

Tired of Settling for ‘Close Enough?’

The most desirable job applicants are highly sought and expect an innovative and comprehensive experience across several channels. With APS Payroll Services’ Employee Navigator recruiting software, you will be amazed at how easy it is to find exactly the right employee. Attract the right kind of applicants through over 100 job boards and create stunning, professional career sites to showcase your brand at its finest. Savvy job candidates appreciate the streamlined application process and easy access to check the status of their applications.

Complete New Hire Forms like...That!

Our applicant tracking software makes filling out new-hire forms a walk in the park for both for new employees and Human Resources.

Compliance is a Breeze!

There are numerous policies, rules, and regulations that employees must agree to adhere to. Atlanta Payroll Services’ ATS  system makes tracking them easy. When hiring managers are focused, businesses are able to respond faster, make better informed hiring decisions, and launch more proposals with greater response rates.

How do you make that happen?

Implement a platform created for the real world, the way people operate in the fast-paced business world. The Employee Navigator was created to provide a more genuine and reciprocal experience – user-friendly and accessible from any electronic device. Our ATS is no one-trick pony. It will also help you:

  • Create an applicant profile
  • Develop and document hiring steps and track workflow
  • Filter applicant lists by job and hiring step
  • Identify job candidates for email, status update, proposal or decline
  • Track memos, email, history and activity
  • Go paperless!
  • Collaborate with HR and other managers throughout the hiring process

Let the Recruiters, Recruit!

Make time for your talent recruiters to do what they do best – recruit talent! Forget about monotonous manual data entry. Instead, fully automate hiring procedures so you won’t have to hunt down the interviewers for their feedback. Ensure all pertinent information is easily accessible in one system. Our cutting-edge Employee Navigator affords your recruiters the ability to focus more judiciously – on discovering, engaging, and hiring the absolute best talent for your business.

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