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About Atlanta Payroll Services 

Atlanta Payroll Services was founded in 2011 as an alternative to traditional Professional Employer Organizations. Back then, we identified a growing need for outsourced payroll, risk and related human resources services that could be provided without sacrificing corporate identity or HR-related decision-making abilities.

The PEO Paradigm

Even today, PEO partnerships often require that the client company relinquish control of key aspects of their business, like hiring and firing decisions, unemployment ratings, and control over what benefits are available to employees. This isn’t to mention having to pay increasing fees that often scale with business growth. 

This method of providing payroll services has resulted in businesses getting ‘locked in’ with a provider or service model that has more control over their day-to-day operations than they should, leaving business owners feeling powerless over critical decisions affecting their employees.

A Better Way

Atlanta Payroll Services is changing the way small- and medium-sized businesses manage employee compensation workers compensation, human resources and benefits. We do this by providing all of the services available from large PEO’s while keeping control and identity in the hands of the client. APS also puts cutting edge payroll technology to work for you, resulting in an efficient, comprehensive payroll solution that can’t be found anywhere else.

Gone are the days of having to give up ownership of vital corporate functions just to streamline your payroll and HR administration. Now, you have a choice. 

The professionals at Atlanta Payroll Services are passionate about understanding your needs, mapping those needs to specific solutions, and staying by your side as a payroll partner for the long haul. We work with clients throughout the southeast and have offices located in Atlanta, Georgia and Dothan, Alabama. 

We are redefining what it means to outsource your payroll and Human Capital Management. We are local, trusted experts in our field. We are Atlanta Payroll Services.