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Time & Attendance

Did you know that over 20 hours a year of productivity are lost by an employee who arrives late, extends a break, lunch or leaves early? 

Depending on how many employees you have, that could cost you thousands of dollars each year as well as have negative effects on employee morale.

Easy & Reliable Labor Management

Our timekeeping helps you operate a more efficient and effective workforce.

Automatic & Accurate

Our time and attendance, including GPS time tracking, is integrated with payroll, so there is no more manually tracking and keying employee hours.

Employee Scheduling & Reporting Made Simple

Manage and access reports on employee schedules instantly, accurately and from anywhere.

Keep Employees Connected

Employees can stay connected to your business by accessing and reviewing hours, requesting time off and viewing check stubs.

  • Web and biometric time clocks
  • GPS timkeeping mobile app
  • Scheduling
  • Time & Attendance dashboard
  • Employee missed punch correction
  • Company in/out board
  • Time card approvals
  • Approaching overtime
  • Job tracking
  • Track breaks & lunch
  • Report tips
  • Piece work
  • Shifts
  • Exception tracking
  • Robust reporting

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